Love Poems

It is true that love is a spontaneous emotion, which should neither be artificial nor forced.

One of the best ways to express one’s thoughts is to pen a beautiful poem. As we know, a poem is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, wherein thoughts flow freely like a river. This is perfectly suited for love.

Love poems have been an integral part of any literature, whether it is Western or Oriental. In fact, some of the best literature is related to love. Love is all pervasive and cannot be confined to any particular race or community. Hence, love poems have existed since ancient times.

To testify this, we all are aware that even in the history of English Literature, there was a particular period when “romantic poems” were in vogue and “romantic poetry” was the talk of the town. To name a few exemplary romantic poets from England: Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth, Byron and Blake. Their poems are masterpieces and treasured by posterity.

A few lines from one such love poem, written by Taryn Grace, are a clear indication of a lover’s thoughts.

I’m at your feet

and I come with gifts

my body, heart, and soul

They’re yours to do with as you please

to command and to control

I give myself with all my heart

I’m yours for all of time

Your slave, your queen, your anything

only say that you are mine

In a love poem, the author can use his imagination and creative skills to give the exact meaning of his thoughts and provide a true picture of his views on love.

Similarly, a love poem can be easily identified by the language itself. The poet usually describes his lover as a Goddess or an angel. Not only that, a love poem is written by a person who is immersed in love and imagines that his world revolves around that “special person” only. To quote a lover’s words, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

Love has the power to change an ordinary person into a genuine poet, thereby encouraging him to write delightful love poems. Normally, the language of a love poem is simply flattering, and sometimes exaggerated, too.

Sometimes, a lot of negative thoughts tend to creep in a love poem if the poet is suffering due to lost love or unfulfilled love. Such poems reflect his shattered dreams, agony, and frustration.

Love is an eternal feeling- so expect love poems to reflect the changing times even though love remains the core theme always.