Get Organized And Get Them Out Of Your Head!

Stop keeping all those millions of little details in your head!

Leave room for the more important things in life.

To create better Time Management and to unclutter your living environment you first have to start with the clearing out of your own mind. So, as February is National Time Management Month I thought it a good time to start to clear out your log jammed mind!

If you are feeling stressed out about all the pre-scheduled appointments you forgot about, the missed conference calls, presentations, doctors appointments and deadlines you were late on or completely lost track of – then you are not alone.

This age of information comes at you at sonic speed – continuously. So to get on top of it all, make those lists! Use those calenders, computer and voice mail reminders and timers, sticky notes, note pads – whatever it takes to GET CONTROL of all the information coming at you.

Step 1 – unclutter your mind so you can make TIME work FOR YOU not AGAINST you.

Step 2 – download all those hundreds of little details your are holding onto in your mind and free up space in your minds master hard drive!

Step 3 – Make these electronic devices work FOR you not AGAINST you.

Let’s face it we could all use a full time personal secretary, so grab these reminder devices and make them your own personal Service Facility – your own personal secretary. There is no magical device that works well for everyone so use what is comfortable FOR YOU and that you will actually USE and immediately start using it to the max!

Make lists – write things DOWN stop clinging onto them in your head – the time it takes to write these down is one of the best investments in yourself and your own time management that you will ever make. Consolidation is the key when using calenders and I suggest you use different coloured highlights to designate, upcoming tasks of importance, meetings, different people, purchases, bills to be paid, friends to be called etc.

If you continue to keep all those hundreds of little details in your mind, your computer-like mind will overload and you will have a melt down and stress will overtake your world!

If you write these details down using electronic reminders the result will be an IMMEDIATE sense of relief, reduction in stress and your mind will then be able to be used for more important things – like planning for the future etc.

So take this special National Time Management Month of February and GET ORGANIZED AND GET THEM ALL OUT OF YOUR HEAD!